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You are here: To better serve you, Agri-Analysis is now located in Davis within walking distance to UCD campus.
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Plant Virus Testing

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TEST ID Virus Name Format -
A0152 African Cassava Mosaic Bigeminivirus (ACMV) DAS/PCR
A0104 Alfalfa Mosaic Alfamovirus (AMV) TAS/PCR
P0756 Alfalfa Latent Virus (PeSV) DAS/PCR
A0108 Alstroemeria Mosaic Potyvirus (AIMV) DAS/PCR
A0112 Andean Potato Latent Virus (APLV) DAS/PCR
A0116 Andean Potato Mottle Virus (APMoV) DAS/PCR
A0120 Apple Chlorotic Leaf Spot Trichovirus (ACLSV) DAS/PCR
A0124 Apple Mosaic Ilarvirus (ApMV) ) DAS/PCR
A0128 Apple Stem Grooving Capillovirus (ASGV) DAS/PCR
A0132 Arabis Mosaic Nepovirus (ArMV) DAS/PCR
A0136 Arabis Mosaic Nepovirus (ArMV) TAS/PCR
A0140 Arracacha virus B-OCA strain (AVBO) Inquire
A0144 Asparagus Potyvirus - 1 (AV-1) DAS/PCR
A0148 Asparagus Ilarvirus - 2 (AV-2) DAS/PCR
More Listings > 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11