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Sample Collection Information

Click here to download a sample request form.

Sampling for Grapevine Viruses and Pierce’s Disease assays

  • Select symptomatic canes and leaves. 
  • Cut six (6) pieces of basal canewood, selected from different canes on both arms of a standard cordon trained vine.  Each piece of canewood should be 6 to 8 inches long, and collected above the standard 2-bud spur. If possible, include leaves and petioles from the selected canes. 
  • Put all pieces from each individual vine into a one gallon freezer-grade Ziploc bag upon collection. Label and identify each sample bag.
  • Keep samples cool to prevent drying and microbial degradation.
  • Ship to us for delivery within 1-2 days. If shipping in the warmer months, keep samples cooled with ice packs, taking care to cover the ice packs with newspaper to prevent contact freezing.
  • Include a cover letter with your contact information.

Sampling for fanleaf testing in spring

The recommended sampling protocol for vineyard or nursery block surveys combines three shoot tips from each of five vines into one composite sample. If a relatively small number of vines are to be assayed, individual vine samples would offer the highest degree of sensitivity in detecting GFLV. GFLV is readily detected in canewood all year round.

Sampling for root and trunk disease assays (Vine decline fungi, Esca, Petri disease, Eutypa, Botryosphaeria, Phomopsis, Phytophthora, Armillaria, Agrobacterium) 

A sample should consist of minimum of a graft union and a lower portion of the trunk and some roots. Symptomatic canes and cordons can also be included.

Timing of Grapevine Sampling

During the period of mid-June until mid-August when hot temperatures prevail, the viruses become less active and are not as readily detected as during the cooler spring, fall or winter. Grapevine fanleaf virus is especially active in the spring, but can also be detected in fall and winter testing, especially if testing canewood.

Pierce's Disease, which is caused by a bacterium, can be detected all year, but different testing methods are required in the winter.

Fungal pathogens are detectable by our assays all year round. To perform a fungal evaluation and subsequent assays, please submit a sample consisting of, at minimum, the graft union portion of the trunk and below, including the root system. The entire vine may be submitted to allow for examination of the cane growth patterns and to assess the entire vine's health status.

Sampling for Almond Leaf Scorch

Select several (8-10)symptomatic leaves from the affected tree. Put them into a labeled, freezer-grade Ziplock bag and keep cool after collection. Ship as soon as possible.

Sampling for Seed Assays

For best results, please submit a representative sample of the untreated seed lot to be tested. Seed treatments may affect the accuracy of the test. To avoid any delays, submit enough seed to complete the assay.  Include the following information with the sample.

• Your name
• Company name
• Address
• Phone #,  Fax #, Email

• Species
• Variety
• Lot number
• Desired test(s)
• Treatment

Our Delivery Address

Agri-Analysis LLC
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West Sacramento, CA 95605
(530)757-4655 (fax)

For our service brochure, please click here: page 1 and page 2. Click here to download a sample request form. For testing cost, please contact us or email at or call us at 1.800.506.9852.